TCS creates Giant-scale Infant Sculptures 

This summer, TCS was commissioned to create some oversized sculptural pieces for a corporate client. The challenge was to create overscaled sections of parts of infants, with the selection and approach given to TCS to choose.

We decided on gigantic baby's ear, and the front lower portion of an infant's face, in separate pieces.The approach with the face was to focus on the expressive portion of the mouth, with gentle contouring and puckering to add a touch of mischievousness. The facial relief was left raw, resulting in an classical, earthy, connected feel.

(Click on picture to open HQ version)

The ear, on the other hand, took its journey in another direction. The sculpture underwent a series of molding and casting processes, resulting in an incredibly realistic replica of a baby's ear, down to the translucent, flesh-like coloration, tiny veins and soft, downy hairs. So, yeah, we went a little Ron Mueck on it ;-)

(Click on image to open HQ version)

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