Budweiser Robot Dog Designs

Here's Monday 12/10 progress:


The notion of "is it too cute" definitely has some validity. We want to make sure the comeuppance is justified. We did up a couple of "tougher" looking pup heads, and I am liking one of them:


This is the one I think nails it. It's cute, but petulant; like it needs a block knocked off it's shoulder. Call it TudePup.


With that in the hopper, lessee what it might do (click in your scroll bar for a cheesy animation effect!):

The main telescoping is done by metal rings. If we need more extension than that, perhaps the bellows come into play more:


Okay. Next up: Superimposing this guy with different size bottles of Bud, and scaling a cut-out next to a refrigerator, so we can come to an agreed-upon size...


Here's Friday progress (12/7/01):

Above are a bunch of different takes on head shapes...

Above are different Eye treatments; do we want a barely-smoked plex lens, or a concave translucent "iMac" like blue lens cover?


One of my illustrators, Josh, didn't get our notes, and sent these in. Again, some of this stuff might tickle you.


The Neck rings on JD1272B are what I'm seeing as the telescoping portion of the dogs' neck.




Here's Thursday's progress (12/6/01):



A: This was done while we were having our conference call. No, it's not to specs, but it sure looks cool!


B: First doodle after getting conference call specs. Too Pink Panther-esque.


C: Closer to specs, but not quite there...


D: Definitely puppy-ish; we took this concept further...


E: We were starting to like this one, so we went on to:



We're starting off Friday morning by doing some perspective views of this one. If we get some immediate feedback, we'll act on it; otherwise, we'll riff on some variations on this one.


Also, by Monday, we can start to see some size comparisons. We'll use variously-scaled versions of this drawing, and/or use an existing toy and Photoshop it with a refrigerator and Bud Bottle to get a feel for the proper size. Hey, it's an excuse to go shopping for toys and beer! It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!




Here's a couple of variations on yesterday's drawing:



Here are some designs that were sketched out on spec:



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