What's the best part about TCS brand doughnuts? Is it the fact that they contain absolutely zero calories? Zero Carbs? No fat? No sugar? No eggs, no dairy? No, the best part about TCS' pastries is that they up and move all over the dang place!

All the above pastries are fakes; foam latex duplicates, topped off with silicone glaze and frosting. When the producers for an International Delight coffee whitener ad needed a roving gang of pastries to liven up their spot, they called The Character Shop, of course!

We got their attention by quickly making mold of existing doughnuts and making rough, unpainted foam latex rubber copies, light and stretchy. Then we procedded to add rod control, and make a test video, puppeteering each of them to have their own "personality". The test footage was a hit, and landed TCS (and the production company) the job!

With the real job at hand, we narrowed down the pastry choices as per the Director, Agency, and Client's wishes. Next came a more refined moldmaking process, and a painstaking detailing and painting of the foam latex castings.Now airing is a :15 second spot, to be followed soon by a full :30.

Check out our test videos!


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