YEEAAAH! Ain't it cool? The insect eyes lie further in back, and the silicone antenna nubs ("the NEE-pels" as Guillermo calls them) are short and resemble , in a crude way, human eyes. As in a real insect of this type, the mouth parts all move together: the labrum in and out, the minor and major mandibles scissoring, clamping, and bringing the food to the mouth, an opening and closing jaw, a tubular tongue that oscillates in and out, and 4 waving palpi to help scrape up the loose bits.

We took artistic license with the labrum and palpi, making them end far more pointed and "fangy" than a real insects' do. You can see more closely Tom Killeen's fabulous paint job, in a more revealing light than you see in the film. You can also see the silicone gill-like lungs on its' chest, which had bladders underneath to make them work.

Mechanical Co-Supervisors Scott Oshita, Gary Martinez, and Dave Kindlon did an excellent job or wrangling the designs and the workers and subcontractors to build them. Kudos to Sam de la Torre for his "heading up" the assembly of seven different , very complex radio-controlled heads. That's three transmitters per head on the more "hero" models!



Didn't you say you did cutesy stuff as well?! Take me home.

Forget that! I wanna check out more MIMIC stuff on the image map!


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