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FROG PRINCESS: How do you tell a girl frog from a boy frog? That's where Canoga Park Character Shop "creature creator" Rick Lazzarini, left, comes in. He fashioned the new female frog character for Budweiser's latest ad, which features a froggy love story. Not favoring the unisex look, Lazzarini says he gave the female frog a "more feminine" appearance. "Bigger eyes and pouty, pink, inviting lips."

CALL OF THE WILD: Using amphibians to peddle beer is not as odd as it sounds. Marty Kohr of the agency that made the ads [DDB Needham] said a bunch of creative types were sitting around one night listening to frogs, when one of them noticed a croak that sounded mighty close to "Bud" and voila! . . . But critics say the ads encourage kids to drink.


Rick's note: Front page coverage of the Valley Edition! Yeah, baby!

For more about TCS and the "Bud Frogs", see reprints of the TCS Press Release and an article from Cinefex.  


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